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Different Types of Massage Offered by Full Body Massage Centre in Deccan Pune
  • Spa Centre
  • 2022-03-14

Everyone knows how to keep themselves relaxed after a hectic day. In our society, massage is one of the oldest methods opted by all generations of people. It gives relaxation mentally, emotionally, and physically. 

However, as there are different types of massage offered by full body massage centre in Deccan Pune, people get confused about what to choose and when to choose. We have brought a blog depicting major massage methods and their benefits. 

Hot Stone Massage 

If the purpose of your visit to the massage centre is muscle straining or the feel of laziness the whole day, choose a hot stone massage. The process is similar to the Swedish massage except for the use of hot stones in massage process. 

Here, the expert therapists reduce muscle tension, body pain. Blood flow improves to a great extent and you come out fully refreshed after the massage. 

Swedish Massage 

The method is the best for managing the stress in life. After visiting full body massage centre in Deccan Pune, people should opt while visiting the first time. It relaxes all muscle knots and relaxes the whole body. Blood flow increase in the body and you feel more refreshment and flexibility in the body. 

Aroma massage 

Aroma stands for a pleasant smell. Under this full body-to-body massage, scented oil is used for emotional healing and making your mood good. People with high anger, mood swing, and anxiety opt for this. 

The aroma does not just make you refresh outside, it reaches the inner soul and you feel like living in a so soothing environment 

Deep Tissue Massage 

As compared to the other massage methods, here therapists apply pressure on the body to provide help in body soreness, injury, and body imbalance. 

The tight muscle gets smoothness and chronic muscle pain goes away with deep tissue massage. 

Body to Body or Happy Ending Massage 

Nowadays, this massage is in demand at our full body massage centre in Deccan Pune. It gives an exotic pleasure and you relax. Here expert’s therapists of your choice make use of their whole body for the pleasure of body, soul, and mind. 

Nuru Massage 

This massage method is not an Indian method but in recent years, the demand for Nuru massage has increased. Here cross-gender gives massage making the session totally sensual. You may contact us for the Nuru massage at the best full body massage centre in Deccan Pune

Lomi Lomi Massage 

This is good to release tension and assist in better blood and lymph flow. The waste and toxins from the body eliminate and totally rejuvenate the body. 

It's an old traditional Hawaiian massage where massaging techniques, nut oils, elements of prayer, breathing, and dance are used for making you refreshed.  It is also called the loving hand's massage that you can avail yourself of at our full body massage centre in Deccan Pune


Now you’ve got a fair idea about different massaging methods, it's time to book an appointment with a full body massage centre in Deccan Pune. Call now -9493029696



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