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Opening Hour: Mon - Sun : 9AM - 9PM
Spa & Massage Center Informations
  • Time: Mon - Sun, 09 AM To 09 PM
  • Staff: Jannat
  • Price: 1500 to 2000
  • Duration: 60 Min

Jannat Spa In Deccan Pune-best spa center in Pune is proud in delivering a comprehensive selection of massage services for all our clients living near by Pune.

Our Hotline
+91 9493029696
We Are Open

Mon - Sun : 09:00 - 21:00

spa massage center in deccan pune

Spa center in Deccan Pune - A Specialized Center For Relaxation, Pleasure And Much More 

Jannat Spa In deccan Pune-best spa center in pune is proud in delivering a comprehensive selection of massage services for all our clients living nearby Pune. Our massage service helps you relax, revitalize and heal in the best possible way. 

Every single one of our massage therapists is certified, experienced, and professional. Before working for you, the spa center in pune provides soft skills training to the massage therapists so that you can get politeness every time. We know the art of healing and touch therapy, as well as a thorough understanding of the human body. 

Here you can also expect customized treatment adapted to your individual needs. We are here to help you achieve balance, relief, and renewal. Whatever your purpose is to visit a spa center in Deccan pune, we relax and unwind you after a hard day at the workplace. We relieve stress and tension in the body. 

Why Should You Visit Our Spa Center In Deccan Pune? 

1. Pune's largest spa for head to top massage 

2. Located at the Pun’s best and most convenient places

3. Spa therapists with charisma, expertise, awareness, and specific talent

4. 100 % commitment towards exceptional service

5. Best place to let go of stress, worry, pain, and discomfort 

6. Clean, hygienic, and luxurious environment 

7. Well-groomed massage therapists at the best price

8. Transparent pricing, and flexible massage timing 

All Types Of Massage At One Place- Spa Center In Pune 

Swedish Massage 

It is known for improving Improve blood and lymph circulation throughout the body. We put light to medium pressure on various parts of your body giving you ultimate pleasure as well. 

To relieve muscle tension, a variety of strokes are used. We also opt for massage muscle bundles and kneads the entire body to relieve stiffness. 

Deep Tissue Massage 

It is an ideal therapy for chronic tensions. Here, our well-trained therapists do deep and forceful pressure on various tissues to alleviate tension in the lower back, middle back, and upper traps.

Shiatsu Massage 

It is Oriental manual therapy in where thumbs are used for treatment. Light to heavy pressure is administered for tension and adhesion relief. 

Full Body Massage 

During a therapeutic massage, the therapist will massage the entire body giving you pleasure and relaxation. It also helps in recovering from injuries and other health-related issues. 

Hot Stones Massage

Body aches and pains are two major reasons for less productivity for people. Our specially designed hot stone massage therapy helps in both cases.  The soothing touch of massage at Jannat Spa In Deccan Pune makes your time and improves your wellness. 

For more information about Jannat Spa In Deccan Pune, feel free to connect with our customer service tema. We just love to provide you with descriptions of numerous massage types so that you can choose the best one for yourself. 

Relax and rejuvenate at our spa center in pune. What are you thinking about? Get in touch with Jannat Spa Pune and schedule an appointment today.