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Opening Hour: Mon - Sun : 9AM - 9PM
Spa & Massage Center Informations
  • Time: Mon - Sun, 09 AM To 09 PM
  • Staff: Jannat
  • Price: 1500 to 2000
  • Duration: 60 Min

The Jannat Spa Pune massage center in Deccan Pune provides complete body massages of all types.

Our Hotline
+91 9493029696
We Are Open

Mon - Sun : 09:00 - 21:00

massage center in deccan pune

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The Jannat Spa In Deccan Pune massage center in Deccan provides complete body massages of all types. Here our experts open up every blocked energy channel and make you stress-free. 

Located at the prime location in a completely luxurious infrastructure, we provide complete privacy and 100 % client satisfaction.  We soothe your body wholly by using automatic oil, imported creams, various massage techniques, etc. There is no better and more amazing massage center in Deccan than us. 

The soft, and smooth hands of our therapists give you the pleasure of a lifetime. It does not just relieve stress, pain, and swelling, it also makes your skin glow more. The skin 

Besides the contemporary massaging services, we also offer customized and personalized massage services to our clients. 

Best Massage Center In Deccan-Jannat  Spa In Deccan Pune


1. More than 5 years of experience in quality massage services

2. Private, friendly, and luxurious environment

3. Services by best and leading massage therapists in India

4. Licensed and fully authorized for providing massage service

5. Guaranteed client satisfaction 

6. Transparent pricing policy - no hidden charge

7. Well-groomed staff with good interpersonal skills

For all types of people, visiting a massage center in Deccan Pune is good to make the spine condition better and reduce muscle tension. At our center, well-trained therapists look for the necessary pace and depth for your happiness and deliver the same. 

The functioning of every organ is directly dependent on the nervous system. By stimulating the nervous system, we immediately improve your general well-being. The emotional, mental and physical state of the person, gets affected. 


By contacting us, you may book the appointment for 30, 60, 90, or 120 min. During and after the full body massage, you experience

Muscle relaxation 

Body cleaning 

Skin aging reduction

Reduction in muscle atrophy

Faster recovery of prolonged pain

Better blood circulation

Improvement in blood pressure level

Activation of internal energy reserves

Complete stress relief

100 % physical pleasure

And more

If you want to get 100 % enjoyable, contact us.

We provide

Thai massage

Lomi lomi massage

Full body massage

Body to body massage

Swedish massage

Hot stone massage

Deep tissue massage

Aromatherapy massage

We also provide massage packages for regular customers. That turns out to be cheaper than the one-time visit. We firstly believe in transparent services so, during the massage, you don't get charged extra for anything. 

Above all, we keep providing deals and offers on various services every day. Don't miss out on the discounts while booking the appointment.  Privacy is one of the major concerns for people visiting massage center in Baner. In any circumstance, we don't share your private information like name and phone number with anyone. 

Are you searching for a massage center in Deccan Pune ? If yes, choose Jannat  Spa In Deccan Pune and get 100 % Customer satisfaction and enjoy the time. Just visit the first time, we’re sure, you’ll visit again and again.